These Are The Best Jewellery Gifts to Give This Year

Diamond & Platinum Holiday

These are the best jewellery gifts to give this year

It’s that time of year when you can surprise the jewellery lover in your life with a statement creation that will elevate their look throughout the years. Truth be told, we can’t think of anything quite as glamorous as unwrapping a Christmas gift only to find a dazzling sparkle inside. Known to be timeless everyday pieces that will transcend seasons, Diamond & Platinum’s newest holiday collection is a stunning iteration of renewal, togetherness and festivities. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the collection:

In all its glory, the Maison’s holiday collection is a three-part series that features its own brilliance, rich silhouettes, legacies and attitude. With two decades of brilliance in its repertoire, the brand is capturing the essence of glamour, love and elegance with its Stardust Stellar, Dawn of Winter and Bloomery Snow collection — all breathtaking craftsmanship and artistry. 

Stardust Stellar

Weaving together with that, dominating the holiday series is the Stardust Stellar collection. Inspired by celestial silhouettes, the creations within the collection evoke starry delights like no other with showcases of falling stars within the designs. Key pieces include an earring and a pendant necklace that can be styled for any occasion. Magnificently stunning, the geometric and dimensional pieces in this collection are perfect for those who adore the cosmos. 

Dawn of Winter

Blowing us away yet again, the Dawn of Winter collection then enchants us with its lustrous skeleton key pendant pieces; fancy sapphire and pink sapphire. Similar to the silhouettes of a skeleton key, the collection’s backbone lies in the penchant for unlocking new beginnings. Created with 18K white gold, possessing each of their own with one oval fancy sapphire, circled with 21 pieces of round diamonds, the timeless creations are works of art that can be passed down to generations. 

Bloomery Snow

Exuding class, playfulness and perfection, the roster for the holiday collection gets even better with its third series, the Bloomery Snow collection. Not straying far from their traditional silhouettes, this collection features mesmerising graceful and fluid designs that can be worn as an everyday piece. Made with 10K white gold, the stunning piece is adorned with 23 pieces of round diamonds that are beautified with one dynamic movement diamond. Adding an element of dynamism and life, this beautiful creation embodies an intricate artistic visionary.

Relentless in its pursuit of excellence, creativity and imagination, it’s no surprise that the newest collection will be loved by many. Pushing its imaginative boundaries even further in its quest to create the most prestigious creations, the brand is representing the very best in artistry, creativity, and exceptional craftsmanship with its Diamond & Platinum Holiday collection.

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