SUDTANA: Devoted To Inspiring Thai Farmers Through Beauty

SUDTANA aims to improve lives globally with all-natural products from Thailand.

SUDTANA is a firm believer (like us) that beauty is staying grounded and in tune with nature. A sense of contributing to the environment while still – looking your absolute best is a proud thing to do, right? Cruelty-free, vegan, and preservative-free; aren’t just vague terms they use, it’s about supporting mother earth while taking care of your skin. Buying locally is often touted as the best way to express one’s way to support greener earth, just like SUDTANA’s effort to the community.

With years of friendship with local farmers in Thailand, they work hand-in-hand to produce eco-friendly, and long-lasting self-care that helps to repair, recharge, and rejuvenate bodies – exactly what everyone needs. The Thai home-grown brand is redefining beauty standards.

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With years of research combining roots and knowledge of ancient Thai wisdom, SUDTANA has meticulously formulated a line of self-care products that are made only from high-quality plant-based ingredients specially catered for lustrous skin, total relaxation, and natural beauty.

Always on the lookout for the best ingredients to use in their products, they even travel to farmlands throughout Thailand to source fresh herbs and produce from local growers who use environmentally friendly farming methods.

Let BAZAAR walk you through some of their star products: 

Rosemary, Ginger & Sesame Uplifting Body Oil

Yes, you may drink Ginger-detox tea every morning, but when was the last time you rubbed it on your body? This body oil uses nature’s most nourishing ingredients and helps with essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins. This fusion of natural oils and herbs deeply hydrates and nourishes your neglected skin.

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Ginger Root: Natural Freshness & Cleanliness

Sesame Seed Oil: Skin Strengthening


Makrut Lime, Turmeric & Jasmine Rice Detoxifying Herbal Facial Mask 

Who doesn’t support vegan products? We do. The vegan-friendly ingredients are akin to feeding your skin healthy food that helps you achieve clean and radiant skin all day long. 

Rice Powder: Ideal for Anti-Aging and Oil Absorption

Turmeric: Rejuvenate and Repair Skin


Sacha Inchi, Ginger Turmeric Nourishing Facial Oil 

This award-winning facial oil is the brand’s star product. The all-natural glow from their ingredients locks in moisture on the go with natural oils that reap verified health benefits. You won’t look just younger, you’ll feel younger too. With continued use, your skin will thank you for making it more supple and youthful.    

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The skincare line is made without harsh chemicals and is gentle enough to use all over the face, including around the eyes, and is formulated with a skin-balanced pH of 5.0.

You may browse through or contact for more information. 

SUDTANA’s products are also available at @discoversoneva @fskohsamui



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Courtesy of SUDTANA.