PAUL, the Authentic French Artisan Baker at Heart

PAUL, a taste of real French goodness.

Having heard many rave about Paul’s food and desserts it was something we couldn’t say no to. Hence, last week we had the pleasure of trying out some of their famous French desserts. Before we get started on the food, why not get to know PAUL better? 

As a leading international bakery chain (47 countries, 871 shops worldwide) and founded in 1889, PAUL is a family-run artisanal patisserie and restaurant with a strong French heritage. PAUL offers a broad French-style menu to satisfy your appetite, from breakfast through dinner and every coffee and teatime in between. The famous and renowned French bakery is also known for its personal touch, impeccable service standards, and warm, sophisticated atmosphere.

Given that PAUL is a cafe that specializes in French desserts, but hey, ANYTIME is literally meal time. 


We appreciate PAUL offering us something special, even though we wouldn’t object to a simple slice of Margherita pizza. Definitely created with mushroom lovers in mind especially Truffle, this creamy pizza tasted super-luxurious! Insanely large amounts of mushrooms were added on top of the pizza. You’ll be surprised, the pizza base is actually made from baguette dough, button and shimeji mushrooms, truffle, and mozzarella cheese topped with rocket. Incorporating premium imported ingredients into their pizza dough making (flour and butter), is what makes PAUL extraordinarily different from other bakeries and cafes out there.  For vegetarians, this one is for you.

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French Onion Soup

Nothing could be cozier than a hot bowl of homemade French onion soup. This filling bowl of perfectly cooked onion broth is served in a unique sourdough bread bowl with grated cheese bringing the whole dish a whole new level. This is one of the best french onion soups we’ve ever tried. The appetiser was beautifully presented, and perfectly seasoned and it wasn’t overly sweet or salty. 



Each freshly baked croissant by PAUL has a flaky exterior that provides a slight crunch and is baked with tender care and genuine warmth. The insides are simply soft with a light crispiness to them just as we had imagined. The croissant’s delicious flavour is the result of melted French butter absorbed by the dough.




French Tartlet

There is always something new to try at PAUL each month. This time, PAUL paid tribute to the French National Day with its French flag-themed tartlet. Served with fresh blueberries, chantilly cream, and glazed strawberries on custard cream in a sweet tartlet shell. The ideal combination with coffee or tea. This tart’s light custard cream, which is not overly sweet and does not mask the fruits’ inherent sweetness, is what we like about it. There is nothing quite as lovely as this French Tartlet, which is filled with a luscious assortment of seasonal berries and other fruits.

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Strawberry Millefeuille

This is not your average dessert. Millefeuille Strawberry dessert is the prettiest spring and/or summertime dessert you can enjoy at PAUL. This dessert features caramelized puff pastry layered with Crème Pâtissière (unique custard cream) and fresh strawberries. Trust us when we say the first bite is mesmerising. This dessert is insanely and eye-rollingly good. If anyone is planning a summer garden party, these strawberry mille-feuilles are the perfect afternoon treat!


Multifruit Tartlet

With its Multifruit Tartlet, PAUL has successfully impressed us. The dessert has a rich vanilla custard filling, a sweet and crunchy pastry crust, and fresh, ripe fruit that is lightly dusted with the simplest fruit tart glaze. This traditional Multifruit Tartlet is a straightforward yet elegant dessert that is sure to impress your loved ones.




PAUL’s Famous Hot Chocolate

If you ask us, real hot chocolate has got to be thick, rich, brimming with an earthy, deep, dark, and enticing aroma of ground cocoa. And PAUL does exactly that. The hot chocolate (though we prefer it to be slightly thicker!) was actually delightful for us.  Sip on a smooth, delicate almost silky soothing hot beverage that comforts the soul. 

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We had a lovely dining experience at PAUL. If there is one special thing you should know about this French bakery and restaurant is that the food that you enjoy (literally every single one of them) is baked all day in small batches! Therefore, you can be sure that the food you order will arrive at your table fresh and hot from the oven. Just like any other restaurant out there, PAUL’s menu changes frequently, which means you get to try their seasonal dessert. Perhaps if you’re lucky, the next time around you can try out their new Tartlets of the month since Independence Day is approaching very soon! In case the Tartlets of the month are not enough for you, they also have Eclairs of the Month, and Special Cake of the Month. Yums!

Known for the generous portions and competitive pricing, PAUL is undoubtedly one of the most value-for-money restaurants on our list. 

To know more, visit their website


Paul Bakery

Lot 2.09.02/S2.09.02 Level 2

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

168 Jalan Bukit Bintang

55100 Kuala Lumpur

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All images courtesy of PAUL Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.