The 21 Best Hair Brushes Experts Love

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Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush

Pros: Durable

Aloxxi stylist Rocco loves using this brush on himself, since it features a bamboo handle and bristles that help stimulate the scalp and encourage blood flow.

Customer review:

“I’m so glad I tried this brush! I’ll never go back to any other kind. The wooden pin bristles glide so much easier through my hair. It hardly gets caught up on anything. My hair is waist long, wavy, fine strands, breaks easily, but I have a lot of hair. It’s super thick. I love the straight bristles on this brush. I use dry shampoo and that can cause buildup that is super hard to clean off the bristles with the ball on the end. This is a breeze. So worth it! And my hair even feels smoother, less frizzy.” —Adrienne T.

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