The World’s First Customisable Sleeping Mask


Skin Inc have been praised for their customisable skincare experience, understanding the fact that one-size, truly doesn’t fit all!  With their quick but extensive quiz found on their website, it’ll smartly build a custom serum cocktail that is personalised specifically for what your skin is craving for. With their My Daily Dose custom blend option already being a fan favourite, its their new My Nightly Dose that has been rescuing our skin as of late.



The My Nightly Dose Custom Recovery Sleep Mask is the world’s first customisable sleeping mask that will elevate your beauty sleep to the next level. Firstly, you’ll need complete their SKIN ID quiz so that their mixologists will be able to have a better understanding on your unique skin concerns. From there, they will find the appropriate pairing of serum boosters that will work hard to recharge your skin while you sleep so that you’ll be able to wake up to your best skin.

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At the heart of this sleeping mask is their Hydro base. Depending on your skin type, you’ll either be given a cream or gel option—the Cream base better suited for dry skin, whilst the Gel base for those with an oilier complexion. Offering 24-hour hydration, it works to minimise the look of pores and to strengthen the skin barrier for natural protection.



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Here comes the fun part! Once you’ve received your SKIN ID results, it’ll tell you the two ideal serum boosters to add into your base. On offer are five different booster options: Blue for soothing, Green for age-defying, Yellow for clarifying, Purple for glow and red for detox. So depending on what cure your skin needs at the moment, your recommended combination may vary. Simply find your specific recovery sleep mask combination on Sephora and it will come all smartly packaged for you so that you can get to mixing your personal Nightly Dose at home. We also love the fact that their packed in cute syringes—making it feel like we’re our own dermatologist.

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With over 1000 encapsulated active capsules condensed in each serum booster shot to supercharge results and up to 17 active ingredients working synergistically to accelerate overnight skin repair—it has definitely kept its promise to revive skin as you sleep, and tackles the exact skin issues I personally face. With skin conditions and demands varying from person to person, a customisable mask is definitely a great option to explore as you can really cater the product just for you.