Tom Ford Beauty Presents: Modern Beauty in Malaysia

The perception of beauty in itself is changing as we’ve seen more diverse runways, magazine covers and brand campaigns step up to the stage. Beauty boundaries are constantly being broken and with the introduction of Tom Ford Beauty, a vision of editorial glamour in Malaysia, we can be sure that more divides are to be broken in the ever-bustling, multicultural city of Kuala Lumpur.

With the recently launched boutique at Suria KLCC—the second in the entire world after Covent Garden, #NBD — Malaysians now have first-hand access to Ford’s signature sculpted cheeks, glorious bronzed skin, and sexed-up smokey eyes.

Making the lips the centre of attention with one of the world’s most expensive lipsticks is also a must, and Tom Ford Beauty’s Lip Color in Cherry Lush—a cult favourite, is a red-hot lacquered hue, that screams high-octane glamour in its sleek, black-and-gold canister.

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Then, there’s the much sought-after Boys & Girls lipstick collection, named after 50 boys and 50 girls from Ford’s inner circle (rapper Drake has one named after him in a deep burgundy berry, and yes, his men wear make-up). Personal grooming, as evident through his extensive collection of grooming products for men, shows the importance of image to Ford, a celebrity in his own right. With nary a hair out of place, always impeccably dressed in one of his own tailored suits or a denim shirt unbuttoned down to the chest, revealing his perfect Los Angeles tan, Ford is a designer who embodies what he preaches—he is his own best customer.

Introducing the Malaysian individuals who are redefining and representing what modern beauty is in the city of Kuala Lumpur with Tom Ford Beauty:

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