Top Three Skincare Trends

Swiss line's Cell Shock Age Intelligence Range

Swiss line’s Cell Shock Age Intelligence Range

#1. New Molecular Discoveries 

Swiss line Cell Shock Age Intelligence Youth-Inducing Eye Cream, RM538

Swiss line Cell Shock Age Intelligence Youth-Inducing Eye Cream, RM538

There’s a new wave of breakthroughs in research that are providing increasingly effective and safe ingredients to advance skincare. Swiss line’s latest Cell Shock Age Intelligence Youth-Inducing Eye Cream, which harnesses the power of the Rab27a molecule, is one example. “Isolated from algae, this molecule is a much friendlier brightening ingredient than typical whitening substances such as Vitamin C, arbutin and kojic acid, which are not so safe from an opthalmological or eye specialist point of view, because of how delicate the skin in this area is,” Custodio explains.

#2. Brightening, Not Whitening

Globally, there has been a shift towards what makes the ideal complexion. Because of the varying perceptions of tanned skin across the world, Custodio notes that “we are moving towards the trend of brightening instead.” It’s no longer about becoming as fair as possible, but about maintaining a balanced glow – even in Asia, where whitening treatments have a prominent following. Custodio affirms, “we are talking about inner radiance, not a pearly white but a healthy, rosy hue.”

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#3. Modern Twists for Urban Needs 

Without unveiling too much, Custodio remarks that “we are doing a revamp of our Cell Shock bestsellers because of the major trends in Asia, such as pollution and urban stress.” Swiss line is leading this charge by “Integrating an anti-pollution feature into the classic formula, which will address heavy metals, toxins in the atmosphere and even your food, to retain them before they affect your skin,” Custodio says. This is an interesting turn in the innovation space, because as opposed to creating new lines and products entirely, brands might want to consider retouching the classics – it’s a recalibration that still goes back to heritage, and the products that have undeniably worked. With the harmful external factors we are increasingly exposed to, Swiss line’s trajectory looks like it will hit its mark. As Custodio remarks: “It’s a new generation.”

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