Topshop Beauty is back with a luxe look

I mourned the recent disappearance of Topshop Beauty, the fun yet focused line of trend-led cosmetics with reliable quality. Thankfully, its removal from shelves was merely thanks to a mystery makeover – likely due to countless competition launching (from Glossier to Fenty Beauty) plus the real need to be Insta-friendly in selfies and shelfies.

November 2nd sees the Topshop Beauty relaunch, a reformulated and repackaged line-up of make-up essentials and versatile colour cosmetics with serious formulas in luxury clothing. The new products are hardworking (and cruelty-free), while the sleek minimal packaging is all black and metallic making it more high-chic than ‘high street’.

As Bazaar’s digital beauty director I was given a preview of the products, and with the help of pro make-up artist Georgina Graham discovered the heroes in the range.

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There’s some grown-up glitter and metallic eye shadows which inspires creativity, multiple lip formulas – all highly pigmented for a modern look, plus the staples (foundation, blush, bronzer, liners, mascara and tools). But it was the cream and liquid highlighters which really vied for my attention.

Benjamin Madgwick / Harper’s Bazaar

The Glow Liquid Highlighter, Graham explained, can be mixed into foundation or moisturiser, or used alone. Forget strobing (though it will oblige if you wish), the blendable highlighter can give you an all-over dewy radiance, and enhance where wanted, from the cheekbones to the eyelids, cupid’s bow and ears. Yes, ears. (Graham says to always add a touch of highlighter to your ears to help draw the face outwards, giving a wider-eyed illusion.)

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Grab this liquid highlighter for your vanity, and then the Glow Pot for your handbag. The portable cream texture highlighter is perfect for use with fingertips, which helps it melt into the skin for subtle – but sure – luminosity. I adore it.

Benjamin Madgwick / Harper’s Bazaar

Some other unsurprising products also stood out for good reason. Firstly, Ultra Matte and Ultra Gloss, two texture transforming colourless fluids. The Ultra Matte, as its name suggests, erases shine (on the complexion, eyes and lips), while the Ultra Gloss does the opposite, making matte formulas high-shine. We love these for maximising use of your favourite lipstick shades, and for being both practical and experimental. Need to mattify your T-Zone? Done. Want to dip your toe into the glossy eye trend? Easy.

Benjamin Madgwick / Harper’s Bazaar

The Invisible Powder is another cleaver creation that didn’t initially appeal, until I tried it. What appears bright white is actually translucent (on all skin tones) but leaves a little luminosity. While many pressed powders can age you, leaving a dusty/chalky finish, this lightweight powder not only fixed my make-up but enhanced my complexion in doing so.

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With prices ranging from approx. RM28-RM87, the new Topshop Beauty buys fall well into the ‘affordable luxury’ bracket, and in my opinion can boast some real gems. What a welcome return.

FromHarper’s BAZAAR UK