Up Close & Personal: Urban Decay Global Makeup Artist, Steve Kassajikian


Makeup extraordinaire and Global Makeup Artist for Urban Decay Cosmetics flew down to Kuala Lumpur for the launch of the brand’s latest launch of Naked Reloaded, the 2019 revamp of the very loved Naked palette. BAZAAR sat down with Steve for a quick chat, as he talks about his favourite shades in the palette and potential launches for the upcoming years with Urban Decay.

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How would you sum up the newly released palette by Urban Decay, the ‘Naked Reloaded’?


Our original Naked palette was a phenomenon when it first launched 2010, and since then, makeup has changed and we really wanted to change things up. At Urban Decay, we’re constantly evolving with the times. Last year, we officially said goodbye to our beloved Naked palette, and we gave it its own burial and funeral *laughs*.

With the loss of the Naked palette, now we have the rebirth of Naked Reloaded. Naked Reloaded is a new revamped version to unmute your neutrals. I love the palette because it has 12 brand new shades to the line, and they’re really big on trend. One thing that Wende (Zomnir, founder of Urban Decay Cosmetics) was constantly being told was, “I’m always hitting pan on my neutral and transition shades”. So what we ended up doing is making the neutral and transition shades bigger, and now if you noticed in the palette, there are 4 beautiful colours, 2 on each side, that are bigger than the rest — and those are going to be your base and transition go-to shades, so that you don’t hit pan as fast anymore.

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