Watch A Rare Video of Elizabeth Taylor Doing Her Makeup

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

If you have yet to dive into reading How to Be a Movie Star: Elizabeth Taylor in Hollywood (which you should honestly do ASAP), you may not realize that she spent literally every single *second* of her life being fabulous. Which, of course, means she became an expert at getting dolled up.

We were reminded of as much when makeup-artist-to-the-Kim-Kardashian-era-stars Mario Dedivanovic took to Instagram recently to post one very #TBT-worthy video of Taylor applying her eye makeup in savage fashion.

“She did that eye in seconds with that tiny brush,” wrote Dedivanovic. “Shadow, crease, and liner. Boom?.”

That violet-eyed stare as she finished off the cat-eye wing? I mean, damn. Beauty vloggers, take notes, because this is how it’s done.

And fun fact about Taylor’s signature blue smoky eye: According to legendary makeup artist, chemist, and Gállány beauty founder Ida Gàl-Csiszar, Taylor was obsessed with making her eye balls look extra white (the sleeper hit of makeup tricks), and smudged on a deep indigo shadow to do so. “Blue is on the opposite side of the color wheel and balances a red eye,” explains Gàl-Csiszar.

Watch the full video, where you can also get schooled in the art of tipping your sunglasses like a bawse, below.

From: Marie Claire