What Your Signature Mani Says About You

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When you’re faced with the wall of polishes at a nail salon and finally pick a color, you’re not just making a style choice—you’re making a personal statement. Turns out you gravitate toward a hue that best represents you without even knowing it. Here, Essie’s celebrity manicurist Michelle Saunders gives a polish personality breakdown.

If you turn to:


A crimson manicure is classic and timeless, and wearing a scarlet mani means you’re elegant and effortlessly chic. Try Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer in “It’s Raining Men,” approximately RM70.40.


Equal parts edgy and complex, a black mani exudes confidence. Consider it a #GirlBoss must. Try Sally Hansen Insta Dri Nail Polish in “Back to Black,” approximately RM19.60.


Because neon lacquer is so bright and loud, there’s no denying it will get you noticed. If you’re wearing it, chances are you’re outgoing and adventurous. Try Essie Nail Polish in “Vibrant Vibes,” approximately RM35.20.


Wearing an of-the-moment white manicure adds a youthful and modern element to your look. On your nails, it signals that you’re trendy and cool. Try Zoya Nail Color in “Purity,” approximately RM35.20.


With so many varying depths, blue is super-versatile and experimental, and suggests that you’re creative and forward-thinking. Try Essie Nail Polish in “Butler Please,” approximately RM35.20.


Barely there nudes are perfect for every occasion and the color is super-forgiving when it comes to DIY applications. A nude mani reads as low-maintence and unfussy. Try OPI Nail Lacquer in “Do You Take Lei Away,” approximately RM39.10.


If you love a soft, sweet, and muted pastel polish, it means you’re a romantic at heart. Try Essie Nail Polish in “Need a Vacation,” approximately RM33.20 .


If your go-to hue is pink, you’re fun, flirty, ultra-feminine, and love being a girly-girl. Try Dior Vernis in “Wonderland,” approximately RM105.60.


This moody red is the sexiest of all polishes. Consider yourself a total vixen if this is your signature shade. Try Jin Soon Nail Polish in “Audacity,” approximately RM70.40.

From: Cosmopolitan