With Love From Fuji

It’s no secret that green tea benefits us a whole lot more than just pleasing our tastebuds. Thankfully, The Body Shop has hopped onto the matcha-obsessed bandwagon with their Fuji Green Tea range, sourced and hand-picked from Japan’s Mount Fuji region. Packed with potent antioxidants, rest assured that it will tighten pores and smoothen skin. Start with the Bath Tea for a total detox and stress relief, enjoy a 24-hour full-body hydration with a refreshing whip of Green Tea Body Butter, then finish up with Fuji Green Tea Eau de Cologne, a flawless blend of green tea, bergamot, lemon and mandarin top notes.

Fuji-Green-T-Bath-Tea-HR__INFGTPS002The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea, RM150


The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Butter, RM83.90