10 Quick-Fix Anti-Ageing Procedures for the Bride-To-Be

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Getting yourself into top shape before your wedding day can go far beyond regular sessions with a trainer or a devoted diet regimen. Whether you’re looking to plump lips, brighten skin or stop nervous sweating from getting in the way during high-stress moments, these are the dermatologist-recommended quick-fixes that may be worth taking up in the weeks before your wedding date.

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“I use hyaluronic acid injectables in and around the nose to help improve the shape or correct irregularities,” says Stafford Broumand, a New York-based plastic surgeon. In less than 30 minutes, Broumand can straighten the bridge of the nose, fix flaws on the tip, or thin out wideness–without a single incision or recovery downtime.


“Long hanging earrings can pull down the earlobes,” explains Howard Sobel, a New York dermatologist. A filler such as Restylane or Juvaderm “can temporarily plump them up so the lobes don’t hang down.”

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Your wedding week is undoubtedly one of the worst times to spot a blemish. If concealer isn’t enough to camouflage it, “a steroid works really quickly if you inject it into a pimple,” affirms New York dermatologist Elizabeth Hale. “I can do it the day before the wedding.”


“Many celebrities are treated with the Clear and Brilliant laser before major events,” confirms Eric Bernstein, a dermatologic surgeon in Pennsylvania. Think of it as a baby version of Fraxel, “perfect to rejuvenate and freshen skin before a wedding.” The 20-minute session may lead to minor redness that will dissipate within a few hours.

Sean Cunningham


For instantly fuller lips, “I inject Restylane Silk through a cannula all over the lip area so there’s no bruising,” says Paul Jarrod Frank, a New York dermatologist. There’s zero downtime and the results last four to five months.


To combat dry crepe-y fingers that can distract from your new sparkler, the Triad Medical Facial (a skin staple for most of Hollywood) has been reinvented for the hands. The triple threat treatment created by New York dermatologist David Colbert combines microdermabrasion, laser toning, and light chemical peeling to soften, smooth, and brighten skin.

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You may have heard that Botox is beneficial for more than only wrinkles—it can also prevent sweating in your underarms and scalp. “This is for someone who wants their gown to stay bone dry while dancing all night, or to keep hair from frizzing around the hairline,” says Patricia Wexler, a New York dermatologist. Results, which can be seen after one treatment, last nine months to a year.

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“I was flipping through Instagram when it came to me in a flash—makeup artists spend much of their time trying to create the illusion of a cheekbone or a jawline for their clients. I can do that easily and almost permanently with dermal fillers,” says Simon Ourian, a Beverly Hills dermatologist. On average, he says, contouring your cheekbones “can make you look five or ten years younger.”

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Filling the lower eyelid [the area above the tear trough and near the lash line] is a powerful tool in treating sunken eyes and excessive hollowness,” says Haideh Hirmand, a New York plastic surgeon. Hirmand uses small blunt needles to inject and spread minuscule droplets of filler under the skin and muscle to lift the “hollowed out” eyelids.


Injecting Botox along your hairline not only prevents frizzy flyaways, but can also give your brows a boost North. “It takes me less than five minutes to do the treatment and it makes my patients look relaxed and feel prettier,” says Dendy Engelman, a New York dermatologist. Results are visible in two days and last three to four months.

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