10 Wedding Day Manicures For Any Type Of Bride

Choosing a nail polish for your wedding day can be stressful: The options are endless, and your hands will be scrutinised – you’re going to be sporting a new ring, after all! In an effort to ease the selection process, we’ve picked the best nail designs for your walk down the aisle – from the classic to the unexpected.

Pearl Galore


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Dubbed as the buzziest manicure trend this year, the reasons to love pearl-embedded nails are endless. They’re elegant, timeless, and versatile. The addition of pearls on full-covered nude, pearlescent-painted or French manicures adds the perfect accent without being too flashy. Dipping into the world of pearls will surely make the ring ceremony extra Instagrammable.

Going Nude


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Low maintenance, the nude manicure is made for the minimalist. It never goes out of style and it looks great against your diamond ring. It’s a classic go-to because of the neutral colour. Figuring out what works with your skin tone may take a bit of experimentation, but generally choosing from beiges, pinks, and oats should provide a solid option.

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Inspired by Hailey Beiber, the iconic glazed doughnut trend swept the internet over the summer. It”s a fool-proof way to add some extra glam to your look without trying too hard. Glossy and gleaming, it’s versatile to match any type of dress and diamond ring.

Glitter Goodness


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Whether it’s a slight sparkle or full-on bedazzlement, glitter nails are always a great idea. Done right and it’ll add a princess glam to your overall look. The elevated nail design will undoubtedly turn heads.

Gold Flakes


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Adorn your nails with gold accents on your big day. Gold embellishments are a great way to uplift your all-white ensemble without going too overboard with colour.

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Dash Of White


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The timeless French manicure is a stunning look for those who want to keep it simple. Trust it, it’s not boring – it fits the wedding theme! But, if you want to add a little bit of zest to the look, we recommend making it stand out with unorthodox lines as your French tip. It’ll make it more playful and quirky.

Gold Tid Bits


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Similar to the gold flakes, we love adding gold tidbits as well on your big day. Whether it’s a line, embellishments, glitter or crystals – it will make for a sparkly, sexy look.

Ombre Nails


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If you’re not into the full-on one colour painted nails, we think you’ll love ombre nails. Unlike other types of designs, this look is easy and seamless, and the ombre twist helps take it up a notch. This design also allows you to incorporate a bit of creativity while remaining neutral.

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50 Shades Of Glimmer


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Step out of the box with glitter and embellished nails to embody the whole princess vibe. It’s glitzy, fun, and flirty, and it would never be too much since it’s your big day. It’s the best time to pull off this nail design. The added sparkle can also match your iridescent ring.

The Swirl


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Psychedelic swirls are the latest style to take over the world of nail art and the perfect way to embrace maximalism this season. Instead of following the bright, coloured hues that go with the trend, opt for white, neutral, or pink colours to make it more bridal. The abstract art will 100 per cent catch eyes!

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