How to Avoid The 10 Biggest Hair Mistakes Brides Make

Alyssa Greenberg

You’ve likely been dyeing, glazing, masking, and experimenting with length for months, but too much planning before your big day can leave your hair in need of some major rehab. Here, five celebrity hairstylists on the biggest beauty mistakes brides make leading up to their wedding.

1. Last Minute Dye Jobs

Switching up or fine-tuning the color of your hair sounds tempting, but it can be a nightmare when you’re just days away from walking down the aisle. If you’re looking to switch the color up or touch-up your roots, consider coloring a week before, instead. Justin Anderson, celebrity hair colorist and Creative Director of dpHue advises, “For my ashy blondes I give them our Cool Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner to neutralize yellow tones and brighten their blonde. For my other clients, I have them use a Color Boosting Gloss and Deep Conditioning Treatment to nourish the hair and enhance vibrancy. The night before the nuptials, use a hydrating hair mask to condition and add moisture back into the hair–it will decrease the chances of any frizz the next day.”

2. Your Morning Wash

While it may seem natural to shampoo on the day-of, celebrity hairstylist and owner of Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa, Julien Farel, tells brides wash their hair the day before. “It’s always good to wash your hair the day before the wedding with with a restorative hair treatment. It will add shine, volume, and life to your hair. I recommend the Hydrate Restore for the big day because it is very light and will make your color even more vibrant.”

Alyssa Greenberg

3. Rushing Your Glam Squad

Having bridezilla moments on your big day are inevitable, but try to keep things chill when it comes to your hair stylist and makeup artist. Give yourself enough time to tackle any mishap that could occur [i.e. your not loving your hair, the humidity acting up, emotions causing mascara to run, etc.]. Anyone working with you should be allotted the time to do the best job that they can, plus it’s less stress on you if everyone is working at a calming pace,” says Janet Zeitoun, founder of SOTAH Hair and celebrity hairstylists.

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4. Last Minute Chops

Kristin Ess, Co-Founder of and a celebrity hairstylist thinks that the top hair mistake brides make is getting a fresh cut before their big day. “Sometimes when the ends are freshly cut, your hair doesn’t hang on to the style it’s placed in as well. It’s soft and healthy– which is great–but a little wear and tear helps hold the style. I always recommend my brides get their hair cut 4-6 weeks before their big day.”

Alyssa Greenberg

5. Missing Out on Hair Vitamins

If you’re still a few months out and think hair could use a little oomph, try popping a daily vitamin with biotin. “Take biotin vitamins as soon as you start planning your wedding,” says Whitney Olson, co-owner of RA_Bar Beauty. “They will help tremendously and encourage healthy hair growth for those looking for lustrous hair on their big day.”

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6. Trying Something New

Your wedding day is not the time to experiment with a length, style, or texture you’ve never worn before. The key: Aim to look like the best version of yourself. “I love looking at old photos of brides from way back when and thinking…’this look would still work today,'” says Ess.

Alyssa Greenberg

7. It’s Not Always About Hairspray

If you’re thinking of trying twists, chignons, or braids for your overall look, be sure your hairstylist is using the right products to keep the style in tact and supported. “I love our Hair Crème Therapy is a must when designing braids, twist, French rolls, or if you just desiring the perfect hydrated pretty hair eliminating the fizz without a weighted down affect. Just a little goes a long way,” says Zeitoun.

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8. Forgetting About Gloss

So you’re already using a weekly hair mask — good! Now’s the time to break out the big guns, starting with hair gloss. “When you go to your salon, ask them for a clear gloss. It will take about 25 minutes and will give your hair a glassy shine that will look gorgeous in photos,” advises Olson.

Alyssa Greenberg

9. Insisting on a Flower Crown

It’s a trend that brides seem to gravitate towards–but later regret. Save it for Coachella or your bridal shower. Because unless your are inherently bohemian, don’t do it for your big day. As Ess best puts it: Flower crowns are a telltale sign you’ve looked at Pinterest far too much.

10. Not Having Backup

If you haven’t booked a hairstylist for the entire day, be sure to have a few hair products nearby for touchups. Throw a pocket-size hairspray, bobby pins, and a fine-tooth comb into a pouch for your maid of honor, bridesmaid, or sister to have on hand.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US