Inside Anisha Isa Kalebic’s Wedding Looks to Prince Abdul Mateen of Brunei

It’s a grand affair.

We’re calling it. The nuptials of Prince Abdul Mateen of Brunei and his wife, Anisha Isa Kalebic, will be the wedding of the decade.

That’s right, the royal bachelor is off the market!

It’s likely you’ve heard about the extravagant ongoing celebrations of Prince Abdul Mateen of Brunei’s wedding.

The announcement of their wedding was made official by the Sultan in October 2023 through a statement. To hype up the buzz, Prince Mateen confirmed the news on Instagram by sharing a rare photo of him and Anisha together. A picture of the couple was officially released on New Year’s Day, hinting that the wedding is approaching soon. Along with the photo, Prince Mateen wrote, “Wishing you all the best for 2024” on his Instagram.

While the announcement of Prince Mateen’s engagement brought heartbreak to many loyal fans, we can’t stop thinking over what his wife, Anisha, will don throughout their grand affair. Declared the wedding of the century, the royal wedding is set to kick off as a 10-day celebration from 7 January 2024 onwards.

The celebrations will include traditional ceremonies, parades, and musical performances. Released by the RTB, the wedding ceremony (akad nikah) will be held at the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque on 11 January 2024. This is followed by the royal wedding ceremony on 14 January 2024.

We’re gathering their best looks worn throughout the grand affair to commemorate our love for the charming couple. Stay tuned as we continue to update this page.

A peek into the marvellous wedding of Prince Abdul Mateen of Brunei and Anisha Isa Kalebic:

The official announcement


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The first big reveal: Prince Mateen posts their first picture together ahead of the festivities. In addition, the dashing groom-to-be is dressed in a sleek navy blue suit, while Anisha sports a sophisticated off-white suit with her sparkly engagement ring in hand, looking as elegant as ever.

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Her Khatam Quran event


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The beautiful Anisha initiates the famed Malaysian designer Teh Firdaus for a very special event leading up to her big day. She was seen flaunting an elegant silver bespoke baju kurung, adorned with tenunan (woven texture fabric) Brunei with intricate beaded embroidery on the sleeves and hem. On top of that, she later completes the look with a matching scarf.

Homegrown designer Teh Firdaus has known Anisha since June 2023, when she engaged with him to design and create ensembles for various occasions. Professing her love for his beautiful work, Anisha reached out to the designer once again to design a myriad of looks for the 10-day wedding celebration.

Later, we sat down with Teh Firdaus and dived deep into the story behind his stunning creations for the bride.

“For this look, it only took us one month to prep. We had to wait for the kain tenunan Brunei (textile) to arrive which was beautifully laced with gold and silver thread. Anisha requested for something minimal and clean, and we created this elegant baju kurung to enhance the beauty of the fabric. On top of that, she gave us the freedom to design this look and there was no fitting done prior this too.”

When asked about his overall experience with Anisha, Teh expressed, “I still can’t believe I met her. The person who arranged the meeting didn’t even inform me beforehand. I was so surprised to see her during my visit to Brunei last year. However, I am extremely grateful to have met her as she is a very nice and charming person. To me, Anisha and Prince Mateen are definitely meant to be together.”

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Her Engagement

Anisha was an absolute vision at her engagement ceremony, exuding an ethereal aura in her traditional bespoke Teh Firdaus attire. She chose a white modern short baju kurung, which was beautifully decorated with intricate embroidery, pearls and delicate lace. To complete the look, her billowing veil was a perfect match to the lace and flower patterns on her baju kurung, making for a truly stunning and coordinated outfit.

“This was the first look I designed for her wedding. In fact, she bought the French lace from London herself and even expressed her love for pearls during the design process. Her only request to me was to hand bead each pearl throughout the baju kurung, which took us three months to complete,” says Teh Firdaus.

The Malam Berbedak (Blessing Ceremony)


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During her blessing ceremony, Anisha looked stunning and graceful in a traditional ensemble. She wore a songket around her waist that complimented her outfit beautifully. As she walked into the ceremony, she covered her face with a matching red veil that added to her ethereal look. To complete the look, she wore accessories and traditional headgear with symbols of dragons, chickens, and scented flowers.

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Her Akad Nikah (Solemnisation)

It’s official: Prince Mateen and Anisha Isa Kalebic have now tied the knot! The solemnisation was held inside the Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque and was attended by close family members and invited guests.

Mateen wore a traditional outfit with diamond-shaped motifs and matching headgear, while his wife Anisha wore a bespoke Teh Firdaus creation in an all-white baju kurung.

Wedding Reception

This is it! Their first official appearance together as husband and wife. Channeling elegance and sophistication, Anisha stuns the crowd with a beautiful floor-length gown adorned with the same diamond-shaped motifs her husband wore on their solemnisation day on Friday. She completes the look with a matching headscarf, dazzling jewels and a beautiful tiara. Congratulations once again to Prince Mateen and Anisha!


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For her second look, the bride wore another stunning bespoke floor-length mermaid dress for the occasion. This time, the beautiful dress was designed by the legendary fashion designer, Zuhair Murad. If you take a closer look, the dress was adorned with delicate dazzling details, exuding grace with every step. Anisha complemented her look with brilliant jewels, a tiara, and a romantic, regal “cathedral-style” veil.

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