This Engagement Ring Tradition is Completely Outdated, Says Jeweller

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Weddings can be expensive affairs, as everyone knows – with the average price of saying 'I do' in the UK now around £27,000 in 2017.

So, it's safe to say that many couples thinking about getting hitched will be relieved to hear that one part of the whole marriage process might be getting more affordable: the cost of an engagement ring.

Discussing the tradition that people should spend three months' salary on a ring, jewellery expert Anna Sheffield told The Metro that things have definitely changed.

"I believe the rules have really shifted, particularly for younger generations," she said, adding that engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes these days.

"The idea of any equation dictating what to spend on something this personal and special is kind of tied to that same status quo of a white diamond/white gold solitaire being the only ring to get.

"A solitaire is a classic, but it shouldn't have to be a white diamond if you prefer black, or grey or champagne or even a moonstone for that matter.

"The idea of the engagement ring now, I feel, is more tied to values and integrity of the material and the maker, as well as the people who will ultimately own the rings. They are symbols of their love after all."

Ultimately, whether you decide to spend hundreds, thousands or millions on your engagement ring, it's entirely up to you and your partner.


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