10 Malaysian Women On The Importance Of International Women’s Day

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Actress, TV personality, and founder of SuppaRetreat

What’s one word that best defines you as a woman?  

Authenticity. It means that you are aligned in your thinking, with what you’re feeling, and what you’re doing.

Tell us about SuppaRetreat, the safe space you’ve carved out for women to confront their fears and feelings.

Social media has presented an aspirational front. It’s difficult to turn off your comparison metre and there can be a feeling of unworthiness. I try to celebrate authenticity through SuppaRetreat, as a reminder that we still need connection. We can thrive in supporting each other, yet have a space to unload, rediscover, rejuvenate, and empower. It’s a space for sharing, but not everyone has to share if they’re not comfortable. It’s not about fixing a problem, and we are not about offering advice. We believe that the answers will come naturally to you when the time is right.

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What’s the most important thing to you as a woman now?

After taking a hiatus from acting, I’ve reflected on the nature of the job. Competition is so fierce in the industry that I’ve always tried to find a way to stand out. Now, I’ve learned true contentment. Once you go beyond the obsession of comparison, learn to appreciate and celebrate others, and know that it doesn’t take away from your own success, then you can emerge as a strong and independent female.

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