10 Malaysian Women On The Importance Of International Women’s Day

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Ceramic artist and founder of Thirty3Eleven


… a woman is a gift—the ability to nurture things around you and to love yourself, despite your flaws, and not letting anyone define who you are, believing that you are uniquely created and loved. Being a woman is empowering in the way that it gives me the voice and space to create things that appeal to my senses, in a manner that evokes my personality.


… is the medium of my personal expression and wildest dreams. It has given me a channel to share the physical limitations of my body.


… the art and culture of pottery making is an honour and my goal as a female artist. It’s an intricate skill that uses the hands; no two pieces are alike. It’s a celebration and symbol of individuality. Preserving this means keeping this knowledge honed through generations, and not allowing contemporary machinery to overtake our lives.


… and functional ceramics can go hand in hand; they both play a role in the home. The pieces from my collection are all timeless classics. I would love for the collector to experience a sense of calm and quietness, and dare I say, mindfulness, when using the pieces.

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