Giving Back: Famous Faces That Have Volunteered at Local Vaccination Centres

Image: Instagram/ @ameliath, @daiyantrisha, @missmimilana, @annajobling


Finding the motivation to do anything these days is especially hard. Aside from the rising numbers of local COVID-19 cases, which are already depressing enough, we are repeatedly exposed to bad news on social media that’s triggering more feelings of restlessness and anger.

However, despite the darkness, there is also light around us and a huge part of it comes from all the compassionate citizens that have worked tirelessly together to raise awareness and funds for those in need. 

Then, there are also those who have selflessly given their time to volunteer at local vaccination centres as marshals or stewards to support the important work of vaccinating the people. We’ve spotted some familiar faces who have used their star power and influence to help out spread awareness and volunteer at the vaccination centres. Check them out below:

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Image: Instagram/ @Daiyantrisha

Daiyan Trisha, Singer-Songwriter and Actress

The songbird caused quite a buzz after revealing her volunteering location with fans wanting to change theirs to be where she is.

On Instagram, she says, “Since today will be a full day, I did rotations to understand other stations as well so I can learn the different duties at different checkpoints. It was nice to be with the frontliners and experience a little bit of how gruelling they have it, although it’s only been a few days for me. My endless gratitude to them all.”

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