13 Ways To Know You Are Well Dressed

Image: Tommy Ton

Photography: Tommy Ton

#1. Compliments on your outfit are more weekly than bi-annually.

#2. You never have that feeling of being over, under or oddly dressed for any occasion.

#3. Your friends tend to ask you where you bought things, and then purchase the exact same thing.

#4. You can succinctly describe your style in 3 words.

#5. You’ve always had every item–trench coat, leopard pump, little black dress, etc—on every ‘must-have clothing’ list.

Photography: Tommy Ton

Photography: Tommy Ton

#6. You see your tailor more than some of your close friends.

#7. Your family and friends ask you to take them shopping or style them for major events.

#8. You’re often stopped on the street by women asking where to get an item you’re wearing.

#9. People look at your Instagram #OOTD posts for outfit inspiration.

Photography: Tommy Ton

Photography: Tommy Ton

#10. Even on days where you feel like you have nothing to wear you still manage to make something out of nothing.

#11. You can look at photos of yourself from three months ago or three years ago and still like your look.

#12. Your family thinks you’re “impossible” to shop for because your taste is very particular, re: chic.

#13. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a statement—your well-trained eye serves you just as well in a thrift shop as it does on

Photography by Tommy Ton Archive