5 Minutes with Carolina Herrera


Carolina Herrera Spring/Summer 2016 Show, Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera Spring/Summer 2016 Show, Carolina Herrera

After your Spring/Summer 2016 runway show, you mentioned that you are currently in your “rose period”. What is it about roses excite you?

It’s because I know that no two flowers are the same, and that’s why I’m always inspired by their spectrum of different colours – just like this season.

You’ve included the element of flowers into many of your collections. What has been your fondest memory about it?

I always remember my childhood house with happy memories. There was a beautiful garden, and outside my bedroom window was a jasmine vine which would open in the evenings, giving off a divine scent!

Before you became a fashion designer, you were known for your own personal style. What does style mean to you?

I believe that women shouldn’t follow trends. It’s all about finding what works for your body, and feeling confident in what you wear.

What is your cardinal style rule?

My number one advice would be to stay true to your style and accentuate your body. You will feel the most confident and look your best.

In your mood board for Spring/Summer 2016, a quote stood out: “The cardinal virtue of all beauty, is restraint.” What is beauty, to you?

Beauty is for one’s eyes, and everything is perceived differently by every individual.