5 Things To Know About Each of Our Favourite Chanel Handbags

5 Things To Know About Each of Our Favourite Chanel Handbags

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Few bags have truly stood the test of time and become coveted designer accessories that transcend generations of women and style over the years -- one of those few include some signature Chanel handbags.

The classic Chanel Flap bag is one such bag and along with it, a seemingly modern version in the bolder Boy Chanel and last year’s brand new Gabrielle bag collection demonstrate the core aesthetics of Mademoiselle Chanel – a blend of purity and practicality, sensing women’s desire for a liberating and modern usage – held together in harmony by its trademark diamond-shaped stitched quilting inspired by the equestrian world Gabrielle Chanel so loved. What’s more? Behind each of these bag collections lies an interesting tale and element of its allure.

Here, we highlight five things to know about each design.

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The Boy

1. Launched in Fall/Winter 2011/12, the Boy Chanel was created by Karl Lagerfeld as a tribute to the hunters’ cartridge pouches which Mademoiselle Chanel used to wear cross-body in her masculine dressing attitude. “It’s the very spirit of Chanel. She picked it up from Boy Capel, the great love of her life… so we named the bag the Boy Chanel ,” Lagerfeld explains.

2. The structure is boxier and looks like a modern version of the Chanel classic flap bag with bold straight lines and angular corners, brandishing it with an androgynous elegance.

Rectangular shape affirms a boyish allure.

3. The hardware is bolder, featuring a curb chain with large link gourmette link in metal or patinated ruthenium that exudes an edgy appeal to the younger woman.

Gourmette Chain

4. The larger rectangular flap in the front with distinctive border lines with a graphic clasp allows Lagerfeld to reinterpret the Boy Chanel in different materials season after season.

5. Available in several sizes, mini and maxi, the Boy Chanel can be worn long or short and across the body, each time affirming its boyish charm.

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