6 Style Rules with Izabel Goulart

Wear mannish brogues with a tuxedo look

Reeve brogues; Ellipse clutch bag; and Lizzy sunglasses, all from Jimmy Choo

It’s the shoes that really set the tone for an outfit, whether it’s heels or lace up flats,” says the Brazilian model. Finish the look with a mini clutch for evening essentials: “lipstick, concealer, gum and my phone. I really try and keep it edited—what else does a girl really need?”

Pair movie star sunglasses with a swimsuit

Misty sandals; and Lizzy sunglasses, both from Jimmy Choo

“Nothing beats the Cannes red carpet. No matter what your schedule, you know you’re going to leave having experienced magical moments which just don’t happen anywhere else.” Her tip: accessories can make every look striking. “No matter what you’re wearing, sunglasses add that hint of mystery.”

Try sneakers for evening

Oakland trainers; and Callie clutch bag, both from Jimmy Choo

My Cannes routine always involves some kind of exercise, especially if I’ve come in from a different time zone—nothing beats jet lag better than a good work out. I’ll usually wake up super early and head off to the gym or do sprints to raise my heart rate—you have to squeeze it in first thing or else the day just takes over.

“I always opt for something new, simple and sexy. For me, it’s really important to keep things easy and not too fussy—you want to be as relaxed as possible so you can enjoy yourself.” 

Channel your inner movie star

Viola sandals, Jimmy Choo

Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman! I’ve always loved both her more risqué looks and the polished, more ladylike style. She looks so incredibly sexy, whether she’s in the bathtub with her natural curls or dressed for the opera in diamonds.”

Know your angles

Lizzy sunglasses, Jimmy Choo

When it comes to getting the best shots, whether it’s for an editorial or for Instagram, you need three ingredients: good lighting, good angles and of course, a good photographer! With selfies, you don’t want to try too hard. I always think the best images capture a candid moment.”

Get glamorous

Minny sandals, Jimmy Choo

On the day of the red carpet I start with a skin glow facial. Then it’s time for hair and make-up. My go-to look really focuses on skin: you want to keep it natural, but radiant. I then keep everything else fairly low-key, but I’ll always have a slick of black eyeliner to define the eyes. You have to remember that it takes a team of professionals to nail a perfect red-carpet look—hair, make-up, styling, it’s a whole process.

“The red carpet is always the best part of the night—well, unless there’s a dance floor with good music. Brazilian funk will have me dancing to dawn, no matter how high my heels.”

Photographed by:   Christian Larson

Film directed by: Christian Larson

Styled by: Helen Broadfoot

Make-up by: Vincent Oquendo      

Hair by: Laura Polko 

Shot on location at the Cap Estel Hotel in Èze, South of France