Agolde and Argent Designed Jeans You’re Supposed to Wear to Work

They’re an update to Agolde’s most popular pair.

Words by Halie LeSavage


The big question in workwear right now isn’t whether you can wear jeans to office. Dozens of the work outfit ideas saved to my camera roll incorporate denim from palazzo wide-legs to ’90s baggy silhouettes. Argent founder and CEO Sali Christeson, who even worked in denim during her past life in the tech industry, says wearing functional jeans can even make her feel more productive on busy days. At BAZAAR HQ, you’d have to ride several stops on the elevator to find an editor who’s not wearing jeans. (And that same editor is probably saving their favorite pair for another day.) In other words, the real question in workwear right now is: Which pair of jeans should you wear for your 9-5?

Denim trends are unpredictable, options are vast. But Christeson and Argent are “taking the guesswork out of finding the perfect pair of jeans for work” with help from the denim brand Agolde.

Agolde has updated its best-selling ’90s mid-rise loose fit jeans, a variation of the pair BAZAAR has called “the last jeans you’ll ever buy,” as part of a workwear capsule with Argent. “We understood that so many women were already wearing denim for all aspects of their lives, work included,” Christeson tells Tweaking fashion insiders’ favorite model is Argent’s way of getting into the denim game—for work and for everything else.

The updated jeans in this capsule have the tailored sensibility of Argent’s suiting and the model-on-a-paparazzi-walk-cool of Agolde’s usual denim. What does that actually look like? Two updates to Agolde’s ’90s denim suite: one with a loose leg and a mid-rise in two washes, one with a tapered leg and a high-rise. All pairs have clean hems and only the slightest distressing, and every one come in sizes 23–34.

Argent is a brand best known for its suit sets and these jeans possess the structure you expect from a khaki trouser but with a more relaxed feeling.

Trying a pair of the ’90s mid-rise loose jeans for myself, the waistband hit at just the right height for tucking in a T-shirt; the silhouette is all but asking for an oversized blazer to perch on my shoulders. (Conveniently, Argent also designed boxy blazers, knit cardigans, and a little waistcoat for all your weekday styling needs.) I’m pear-shaped, so I needed a belt to close a gap at my waist but they were flattering once everything was secured. Coworkers, prepare to be sick of me taking selfies in the office mirrors when I’m wearing these.

Agolde’s updated jeans are tailored enough for a commute cameo and comfortable enough to wear while working from home. I’m not saying you can march into a salary negotiation in denim, even if it’s Agolde, quite yet. But if you’re the corner office supervisor who sets the tone as well as the dress code? Maybe start a corporate denim movement with these pairs.

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