A Glance At Alia B & Alia Bastamam’s Resort 2022 Collection

A cast of fresh and vibrant social media savvy girls are featured in the campaign visuals exuding ‘JOY’ and the uplifting mood of the collection.

Titled ‘JOY’, the Alia B Resort 2022 Collection is welcoming the new season cheerfully with the lightness of summer showcased through asymmetrical shapes, sheer fabrics and unique silhouettes. In the campaign film above, a vibrant, summery atmosphere is portrayed with elements of candy-coloured sky and seaside vibes. 

ALIA B has always been a proponent of homegrown brands and with the launch of the Joy Collection, Alia tapped into Borneo-based jewellery brand, SANGON & CO, to further elevate the joyful vibrancy of this new lineup.

The label is equally excited about its biggest collaboration to date with HAVAIANAS, a Brazilian flip-flop brand created in 1962, for this collection. “I’m a beach girl so, of course, I have my collection of HAVAIANAS thongs. Curating them for my collab is nothing short of a dream come true! It’s basically me picking everything I’d like to have for myself from HAVAIANAS,” says Alia Bastamam. Expect to see up to 60 pieces of HAVAIANAS items including mini bags and headphone cases elaborately designed by Alia to amp up the holiday feel.

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“This time around, I’m expressing freedom and a whole load of fun! I’m bringing in beach looks, weekend fits, colours, flow and, most importantly, JOY – which is what I’ve named this collection.” – Alia


Vol 1: Look 1                                                  Look 2                                                                Look 3

                                       Look 4                                                                Look 5

Vol 2: Look 1                                                  Look 2                                                                Look 3

Look 4                                                              Look 5                                                                Look 6

Look 7                                                              Look 8                                                                Look 9

Look 10                                                              Look 11                                                                Look 12

                                                                           Look 13


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At the same time, Alia Bastamam is also celebrating its 10th anniversary in the business by presenting the ‘Cascade’ collection, which recounts the journey of the brand over the years. As an elegant juxtaposition to Resort 2022, the romantic ‘Cascade’ collection incorporates ruffle details, kaftans, breezy boleros and shiny accents. 

The designer is renowned for her resort-centric designs that exude exotic ease with a highly feminine sensuality, and this new collection further cement her credibility

“When I think ‘Cascade’, I think of a woman’s curves. Soft fabric cascading over her curves, streaming as she walks, liquid, fluid, flowing like water – I can keep going! ‘Cascade’ is by far one of my sexiest, most womanly collections and she’s an extremely confident woman. Because that’s what I want for all women – I want them to be confident and most importantly, real and unapologetic!” – Alia Bastamam



Look 1                                                              Look 2                                                                Look 3

Look 4                                                              Look 5                                                                Look 6

Look 7                                                              Look 8                                                                Look 9

Look 10                                                              Look 11                                                                Look 12

Look 13                                                              Look 14                                                                Look 15

Look 16                                                              Look 17                                                                Look 18

Look 19                                                              Look 20                                                                Look 21

Look 22                                                              Look 23                                                                Look 24

Look 25                                                              Look 26                                                                Look 27

Look 28                                                              Look 29                                                                Look 30

‘CASCADE’, the Resort 2022 collection is now available at the Alia Bastamam Showroom, and soon at The Datai Langkawi.

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It’s time to refresh your wardrobe! Discover more about ALIA B & ALIA BASTAMAM Resort 2022 here

(All images courtesy of Alia B & Alia Bastamam Resort 2022)