A Chequered Past With Bally Autumn/Winter 2016

Bally curates Autumn/Winter collection through art of story telling. Engaging characters and settings set the stage for the new season.

Out of the relentless rain and into the large hotel lobby. She pauses for a moment to let the water run off her black fedora and black patent mini-overcoat, and to breathe-in the old world glamour of the place. She adjusts the pussy bow on her red lip print blouse and heads to the reception desk, her gold-buckled heels echoing around the entrance hall. She can feel the eyes of the room on her. It’s good to be back.

“Your usual suite, madam,” confirms the manager with a friendly nod. “This arrived for you earlier.” He hands over an envelope and she heads to the lift, followed closely by the porter wheeling two travel trunks on a trolley. See you at dinner after the show. PS I’m wearing my chequered suit tonight, reads the handwritten note. She smiles and slips it into her handbag decorated with miniature brass cows and coins.

It was the night they met. At the after-party for the band’s last show. She wore a black-and-white chequered suit and matching spectator shoes. And there he was, in the middle of the room, wearing exactly the same outfit. Strange how fate works: she nearly wore a pair of geometric leaf-print trousers with a leather, fur-collared bomber jacket. One sartorial decision changed her whole life.

In her hotel suite, she carefully lays out a metallic aubergine mini-skirt and jacket with matching handbag and banana-shaped heels, and wonders what destiny has in store for her tonight.