Bazaar Women Of The Year 2022: A Journey With Audi

Living life in the fast lane, our BAZAAR Women Of The Year 2022 are constantly on the track to success. In film and in life, their achievements hinge on their ability to embrace change and stay ahead of the game. Having established themselves as some of the most fearless, versatile talents from past and newer generations, all of these Malaysian women in film have managed to display incredible star wattage. 

From Susan Lankester to Vanidah Imran, Sofia Jane, Scha Alyahya, Sangeeta Krishnasamy, Jasmine Suraya, Elise Shick, Nadiah Hamzah, Amelia Henderson, and Eyka Farhana—we sat down with these women to talk about their careers, Malaysia’s film industry, as well as their greatest achievements. Guided by a strong sense of morals, ethics, creativity, and duty, these women have an immense amount of drive and ambition.

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Seated comfortably in the back seat of the spacious and prestigious Audi Q5, these ten women spoke their minds and wore their hearts on their sleeves, sharing with Harper’s BAZAAR Malaysia their determination to improve the film industry. Fronting the look and feel of a sports car while retaining an emphasis on comfort, safety and functionality, the Audi Q5 creates a luxurious, comfortable, and safe space for our conversations with these exceptional women.




Jasmine Suraya, Vanidah Imran & Amelia Henderson


Scha Alyahya, Sofia Jane & Elise Shick


Learn more about the Audi Q5 by visitng this link.
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