Bottega Veneta Releases Last Chapter of The “Art of Collaboration” Series

Bottega Veneta’s Art of Collaboration Series emerged in 2001 as Creative Director Thomas Maier wanted to highlight a storied relationship with artists through fine-art photography. After its great success, the brand has unveiled a series of collaborative film projects throughout the season that will become a beacon for immersive and innovative mobile-first storytelling.

Titled Reflections, the Spring / Summer 2018 campaign comprises of six distinct and deeply cinematic films is put together by a team of remarkable talents working with Maier including Fabien Baron, who directed the films, Academy Award-nominated cinematographer Philippe Le Sourd, renowned set designer Stefan Beckman and record-producer and composer Johnny Jewel who scored the original soundtrack for the six films and trailer.

“We have always told stories about our products and our brand,” says Maier. “The evolution of the Art of Collaboration enables us to reach and have a dialogue with the customer on his or her own terms.” — Fabien Baron

After having revealed the first four films, Miraggio, 196.6 MHz, Utopia and Rebirth, Bottega now presents Aurora and Vertigo.

Watch the new episodes below.

In Utopia, a man and woman cross paths in the midst of a mysterious pink fog. The film represents the idealistic world and the dreamy but charged potential of a moment when two people cross in on the street.

Rebirth is about the reversal of time. It takes place in a warmly lit room where the motionless characters create a beautiful unspoken connection through the movement of light and objects. The thousands of flowers represent the rebirth of life, a dreamy state of nostalgic memories and the naiveté of childhood.

Aurora is about the brightness within the dark. A woman is walking slowly and confidently along a dark empty street in a small town. Heading towards a flood of bright white light, she suddenly stops and faces a perfectly empty white room with seemingly no beginning, no end, no walls. She steps into the white space and disappears. The bright light signals a brighter future. It’s about a film noir feeling transforming into its diametric opposite.

Pulsing with rhythm and movement, Vertigo is a hypnotic story about an electric fantasy with laser and neon lights. A woman is dancing sensually to the slow pace of the music with the camera catching a moment of mystery and fantasy. The music transports you to the alternate reality of a mirrored space that turns everything into a multi-faceted world of reflections. It’s a story that invites you to lose yourself in your imagination.