Burberry Dropped An Exclusive Virtual Handbag Collection On Roblox

Burberry launched a new collection of arm candy for Roblox avatars.

We’re not playing games when we say Burberry’s newest collaboration will have you on cloud nine.

Courtesy: Burberry

Brands nowadays are investing heavily in growing their product lines directly within the metaverse, such as on Roblox. If you didn’t know, over 50 million people use the online gaming platform on a daily basis!

Yes, Roblox is one of the largest digital platforms in the world, so it made sense that Gucci created unique collections for it, allowing users to dress their avatars in designer clothes at the digital Gucci Garden event.

Burberry is the most recent brand to join the virtual fashion craze. They went a step further by releasing a limited-edition line of virtual handbags that can only be purchased and worn on Roblox. Talk about exclusivity!

The handbags are a virtual interpretation of Burberry’s iconic Lola bag, which draws inspiration from nature and the outdoors, and is “made” of clouds, water, wild foliage.

Rachel Waller, vice president of channel innovation at Burberry, said in a statement: “We are thrilled to partner with Roblox to share a virtual handbag collection and to bring our iconic Lola bag to life in an entirely new creative way. The expression of our digital personas is a fascinating concept and one which we know is increasingly important to our customers.

“Roblox is a platform built on imagination, community and creativity pillars which are central to our brand, and we’re delighted to bring our virtual products to this community,” she continued.

Roblox avatar carrying Burberry Lola Handbag.

This Roblox collaboration was Burberry’s most recent foray into the vast virtual world; they previously released an NFT in conjunction with Blankos Block Party at the end of last year and followed that up with a second instalment in June. The line featured a limited-edition Burberry Blanko, a unicorn named Minny B, and a variety of in-game accessories with the Burberry brand that players could add to their digital accessory collection.



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All images courtesy of Burberry