Christmas Gifts Ideas for Yourself: What’s Your Present Personality?

Christmas might be all about giving, but the thrill of unwrapping your own pile of presents never gets old. From that first glimpse of what's inside the ribbon-tied gift box, it's immediately obvious whether the gift-giver really knows you... or not. The key to making sure your loved ones get it right every time is understanding your present personality – and letting them know, too.

Find out whether you're after all that glitters and glows or a post-party lifesaver you never knew you needed. Which of these personas sounds most like you?

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The Socialite

You’re oh-so-chic and are drawn to classic, quality pieces over fast fashion. Audrey Hepburn is your idol, but you’ve also been known to channel Brigitte Bardot when on The Riviera. The Socialite’s gift list includes items that will instantly lift a look, whether you’re popping out to a lunch or a charity event. And if you happen to be sleeping off that champagne hangover, a silk eye mask is essential.

Natasha Zinko cropped wool blend tweed jacket, £980, Matches; Betty eye mask, £70, Olivia Von Halle; Two tone yellow gloves, £55, Arket; T wire bracelet in 18k yellow gold with diamonds, £3,000, Tiffany & Co.; Audrey Hepburn 1966 print, £79, Sonic Editions

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