Collection Report: Spring/Summer ’20—Spark The World’s Crucial Dialogues

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Super Liner

Multi-coloured, overly-lined, embellished, and elongated—we’ve seen them all on the runway this season, and the common running theme in all of them? Unapologetically bold. While Prada girls play it up with over-the-lid liners, the likes of Helmut Lang and Jeremy Scott are all about the paradoxical pairing of OTT eyes and barely-there make-up elsewhere. Beauty’s latest in-demand visionary, Isamaya Ffrench shakes things up at Halpern with glitter rounded liner to bring vintage allure back to life.


“the globalisation of style is a different approach for me today.”– Riccardo Tisci

While Riccardo Tisci had already perfected his vocabulary at English heritage house Burberry, the Italian designer took it one step further by imbuing his latest collection with a sense of playful imagination. Embracing sustainability and longevity in a different way, the collection this season celebrated the freedom of expression, like in a tulle dress that could be worn ingenuously as an evening gown, or a minidress. Elsewhere, this same creative exploration was seen in the house’s iconic trench coat, albeit transformable into an evening skirt with a single button. Coat check optional.

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