Malaysia Airlines Announces Creative Collaboration with Dato’ Seri Dr Farah Khan

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Image Courtesy of Farah Khan

The Farah Khan label is known to have dressed all the cool kids from Kuala Lumpur to Hollywood. With stand-alone boutiques spanning from Kuala Lumpur’s metropolis to the shores of Bali at the W Hotel, the emerging Seminyak Village and Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta Indonesia.

The 10th of May 2016 marked a turning point as Malaysia Airlines Berhad announced a strategic partnership with the label under the tutelage of Creative Director, Dato’ Seri Dr Farah Khan. A true celebration of two illustrious Malaysian establishments of contrasting worlds, this affiliation stands as a cultural milestone.

We will soon witness the evolvement of the Malaysia Airlines iconic kebaya that has withstood the test of time, and other uniforms for our national carrier. Exclusively designed through the visionary eyes of Dato’ Seri Dr Farah Khan acclaimed for her signature touch in making a statement. Modern and cutting edge meets heritage and national identity, the results are anticipated with bated breath.

BAZAAR Digital has an exclusive quote from the woman behind the fashion powerhouse herself on her collaboration with Malaysia Airlines, as quoted by Dato’ Seri Dr Farah Khan

All I can share at this point is that the fundamental values of the Malaysia Airlines that we all know and love will be reflected in every stitch. Grace, meets a little glamour, even as form follows function.

Farah Khan SS'16 Campaign Images | Image: The Melium Group

Farah Khan SS’16 Campaign Images | Image: The Melium Group