Farah Khan Unveils Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

Creative Director of the Farah Khan label, Dato’ Sri Farah Khan found inspiration for her Autumn/Winter 2016 collection titled ‘Chinoiserie 2.0’ from her personal experiences across the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Ideas came to fruition as she explored an exhibition, “China: Through The Looking Glass” where fashion took form in melding cultures of the west and east. Accents and details signatory to the Farah Khan design aesthetic of decorative styles, techniques and motifs were brought to life in oriental silhouettes adapted into a contemporary western setting.

27 DS 1332 MARIA

Maria, Farah Khan Autumn/Winter 2016

The collection thrived on a design mantra made of four principles; visual art, china, traditional wear and embroidery. The cheongsam was a key ensemble, adorned in statement Farah Khan embellishments of dripping sequins.

27 ST 1321 ALEXA

Alexa, Farah Khan Autumn/Winter 2016

Greatly inspired by china and decorative ornaments from her personal collection, the ensembles of the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection amalgamated a dizzying colour palette of bright tropical inspired hues into imaginative prints.

21 TP 1093 AUDREY H

Audrey. Farah Khan Autumn/Winter 2016

Fluid sleeves and two piece ensembles of embroidery patterns were interpreted in black and silver.

KRISTEN 27 DL 1365

Kristen, Farah Khan Autumn/Winter 2016

BAZAAR has the best looks from the Farah Khan Chinoiserie 2.0 Autumn/Winter Collection, a refreshing and contemporary twist on traditional wardrobe staples and silhouettes.

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