Malaysia’s Most Stylish Women: Shermaine Wong

BAZAAR’s Malaysia’s Most Stylish Women from each year return to celebrate fabulous fashion and extraordinary moments. Presenting the luminaries, from original top models to world-class journalists, architects, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and wellness gurus—in a class of their own.

Shermaine Wong

Founder of Tish Lifestyle

Top; jacket; and skirt, all from Fendi. Shoes, Shermaine’s own.

For Great Living…

SAVOUR EVERYTHING “Throw diet out of the window! Life is all about the experience, and you are able to tell so much or so little of a place through its cuisine. Personally, Tokyo is best seen through the competitive tuna auctions in Tsukiji Fish Market, Morocco’s explosion of flavours is best experienced through the traditional tagines, and London is just amazing in every way but a dirty burger is a definite must—go beyond your limits!”   

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TRAVEL NEAR OR FAR “Take the ETS to Penang to soak up its antique shopfronts, housewares, and creative energy for a weekend, or camp out for a week in the Sahara Desert, where you can wake up to the sunrise and camel ride into the sunset. My most recent adventure was swimming with a pack of dolphins in the ocean when I was in Maldives, and I’ve already made plans to go bungee jumping in Queenstown. Go big or go home, really.”

FIND YOUR SIGNATURE “When I’m not ‘doing it for the gram’, I’m dressed in a white shirt and tailored pants, with beautiful doors and stunning sunsets as my backdrop. If only being a holidaymaker counts as a real profession …”

DO WHAT’S GOOD FOR THE SOUL “Cheesiest thing to say, but so true, especially in today’s context of social media, where you can feel like you’re being watched all the time. Don’t hesitate to escape from life’s chaos, splurge on a decadent candle, work with people who appreciate and inspire you, and just care less about perfection and focus on completion.”

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SHERMAINE WONG, in BAZAAR December 2017 ‘Malaysia’s Most Stylish Women’: “Being featured recently as Audrey Tautou’s Amélie Poulain brought things to full circle for me, considering I worked for BAZAAR in the past. I’ll always be a BAZAAR girl at heart.”