Harper’s BAZAAR Most Stylish Women 2003

What makes a woman stylish? More than merely the labels she wears, it is the way she carries herself with the air of grace of a true clotheshorse. It’s the way she mixes a plethora of high and low, indulgent and practical, glamorous and comfortable to create a fashion vocabulary unique to herself. BAZAAR celebrates the women who define the nation’s love for fashion.  

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Cilla Foong, Director of Cilla Models

If you were an accessory, what would you be?

I never thought of being an accessory, but I don’t mind being a Kelly or Birkin bag, because they’re timeless.

Who are your style icons?

Katherine Hepburn, Jackie O, Bianca Jagger.

What wouldn’t you be caught dead in?

Platforms, leggings and blue eye shadow.

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