Harper’s BAZAAR Most Stylish Women 2003

What makes a woman stylish? More than merely the labels she wears, it is the way she carries herself with the air of grace of a true clotheshorse. It’s the way she mixes a plethora of high and low, indulgent and practical, glamorous and comfortable to create a fashion vocabulary unique to herself. BAZAAR celebrates the women who define the nation’s love for fashion.  

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Shareen Ramli

If you were an accessory, what would you be?

I wouldn’t be an accessory, I’d be the main course!

Is there one thing you’d like to wear but  don’t?

Hats. I love those that you wear at the Ascott horse races, but they’d look silly in Malaysia.

Who is your style icon?

Grace Kelly with a touch of Kelly Osbourne.

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