The Y2K Scarf Top Is Back

One silk square. Endless ways to wear it.

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On “Mood Ring,” the third single from Lorde’s latest albumSolar Power, the singer has a tongue-in-cheek question for a culture infatuated with nostalgia. “Don’t you think the early 2000s seem so far away?” she sings. Late-summer’s influx of scarf tops have an answer: “Not at all.”

The same scarf tops Beyoncé and Christina Aguilera once wore for early aughts performances have made their way back into the fashion zeitgeist. Celebrities are wearing the shoulder-baring styles much like they did before—Rihanna most recently, in a Harley Davidson halter by Conner Ives—but the scarf top’s return has a modern bent. Many women are embracing DIY strapless tops folded from scarves instead of buying ready-made blouses. (Just check Instagram and TikTok, where tutorials for folding and wearing scarf tops have views in the millions.) The scarf top’s return is more than a Y2k revival for the revival’s sake: Since any square scarf can be folded into a strapless top or a bandeau, it’s a style that’s both practical and endlessly personalized.

Of all the 2000s trends to come back around, the scarf top’s versatility gives it staying power. Find your favorite way to tie and wear a scarf top with our 14 favourite scarves, below.

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No.9 Striped-Border Silk Scarf


Clean lines and neutral tones make this a scarf you can wear any which way, including tied as a strapless top.




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