Introducing the Burberry Doodle Collection

Courtesy of the brand

Crafted in its design studio in London, Burberry presents an assortment of accessories embossed with whimsical sketches inspired by free-spirited art, weather, and Britishness. While the Doodle collection currently encompasses bags, small leather accessories and shoes, in January 2018, it will expand to augment both womenswear and menswear lines, imprinting everything from dresses to bomber jackets and trench coats with its graffiti artwork.

Continuing in its on-going collaboration with British artist, illustrator and photographer, Danny Sangra, the collection also features Danny’s unique illustrations – think witty speech bubbles - splashed across the brand’s reversible Doodle tote.

The Doodle Tote with Danny Sangras illustrations

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The designs

Using fine-line biros and felt-tip market pens, Burberry presents five main designs for its Doodle collection. For the ‘Brit’ design, the Union Jack flag is deconstructed and given a playful twist with musical notes and graffiti-like scribbles, bringing the iconic red, blue and white colour combination into another dimension. For its ‘weather’ doodle, Burberry accents rainbows and clouds with stormy details to reflect Britain’s unpredictable and harsh weather. ‘Daydream’ is another source of inspiration and is interpreted through smooth unbroken lines that embellish the Burberry logo to deliver an optimistic and dream-like feel. For the ‘unexpected’ doodle, cheeky shapes and objects, such as zigzags, stars and squiggles, spring out of the Burberry logo, whereas, the ‘word’ design presents a schoolbook-style doodle of the brand’s lettering in a collision of font styles from lower case lettering to bold bubble type font highlighted with blue and red shading.

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