Louis Vuitton Unveils Exquisite New Boutique at The Exchange TRX

Louis Vuitton TRX

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Known to be the epitome of luxury fashion, French Maison, Louis Vuitton recently opened its glistening new store at The Exchange TRX. This newest addition to their emblematic addresses around the world, offers a myriad of women’s and men’s ready-to-wear collections. On top of that, the store also holds shoes, leather goods, travel accessories, trunks, accessories, textiles, fragrances, watches and fine jewellery on their roster. This new store will be carrying notoriously famous creations that serve as tasteful yet subtle statements that can be worked on no matter the season.

What can we expect from the new store:

Stepping into the fashion haven, fashion darlings will be welcomed by an elegant facade adorned with a white 3D flower mesh that is reminiscent of the iconic Louis Vuitton Monogram. Beautifully decorated, the flower creates an innovative and dynamic visual effect that’ll turn heads. 

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Weaving together with that, the sophisticated store also boasts a decorative stone carpet made of Travertine at the entrance, while the entire store floor is adorned with natural wood. To make it even more special, the store even has a plastered wall in the entrance area, a masterpiece created by the  renowned French atelier De La Torre — turning the store into a work of art. Blending with that, the store also has an immersive design in the Women’s accessories area; a Diamond Screen from Marcel Wanders, which showcases the brand’s commitment to artistic collaborations.

Exuding modernity and elegance — first implemented in Paris Saint-Germain —the Louis Vuitton store wows us even more with their carefully curated artworks by contemporary luminaries like Lautaro Cuttica and Florence Pirlot. Taking it up a notch, the store also plays around with their furniture selections which includes designs from Etienne de Souza as well as India Mahdavi, another collaborator for the Objets Nomades collection. 

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To finish it off, the store even paid close attention to details with the fashion haven’s lighting and ceiling decorations. The most special part is the ceiling installation at the entrance, reflecting the petals of the Monogram. 

Timeless luxury and contemporary elegance have always been of paramount importance to the Maison, so it’s no surprise that the store is rich in French culture and symbolism central to Maison’s aesthetic. With an abundant range of styles in the store, fashion darlings and connoisseurs will have endless styling possibilities.

Even if you’re just there to look, not buy, the store is worth a visit to appreciate the minute attention to detail and the store is full of little stories you’ll have the pleasure of immersing yourself in.

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Address: G.58, 59, 100. The Exchange TRX. Persiaran TRX, Tun Razak Exchange 55188 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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