Our Friends of BAZAAR Try and Review newB!


DC Healthcare Holdings Berhad has expanded from their aesthetic path to consumer retail by bringing to life a new breakthrough skincare brand by Ten Doctors Sdn. Bhd. Introducing newB from Japan, a premium skincare brand that is formulated to set new standards in skincare efficacy through a co-development with Dr Chong Clinic, one of the leading aesthetic clinics in Malaysia. Segmented into two categories: newB Premium Ageless and newB Premium Hydration, both hope to meet the ever-evolving expectations and desires of skincare enthusiasts. newB is dermatologist tested, mild & gentle formulation and suitable for all skin types.


Putting newB to the test, we entrusted two of our beloved friends of BAZAAR, Julie Anne Kang and Nadja Van Der Drift to experience and play with the newB products themselves to truly get a hands-on experience and first-hand feel of the new products.


Julie and the newB Premium Ageless Eye Concentrate


As I eagerly unwrapped my newB Premium Ageless Eye Concentrate, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the promise of a revolutionary anti-ageing experience. The anticipation was fueled by the mention of DiamondC60™, a breakthrough ingredient with the power to deliver instant wrinkles and fine lines reduction in just five minutes. 

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As I applied the Eye Concentrate for the first time, I couldn’t help but marvel at the silky texture and how effortlessly it glided onto my skin. It felt like I was not just trying a skincare product, but embarking on a skincare journey backed by scientific excellence.


The DiamondC60™ (Japan Quality Natural Fullerene) exhibits superior anti-oxidative performance compared to traditional anti-ageing components like Vitamin C, and YES, it’s 250X more effective than Vitamin C. By seamlessly blending with Grape Juice, Grape Skin Extracts and Natural Snow Peach Gum, this transformative formula reclaims skin firmness and elasticity, I eagerly awaited the results.


In the days that followed, I noticed subtle changes in my skin. The fine lines around my eyes seemed less pronounced, and there was a newfound firmness that hadn’t been there before. Having tried the products for about seven days, I can’t wait to see how my skin progresses after a month and once I’ve completed my first bottle. 

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Nadja and the newB Premium Hydration Concentrate


As a spin instructor and working full-time too, keeping my skin hydrated and plump is a struggle I constantly face. Finding hydrating solutions that work all throughout the day whilst I juggle my busy schedule is tough, but the new hydration collection from newB seemed promising!


The promise of 5 minutes hydration and soothing boost through the innovative 7HA Boost Complex definitely lured me in. 


Upon the first application, I was immediately captivated by the lightweight texture of the concentrate. It effortlessly glided onto my skin, leaving behind a subtle feeling of freshness. The 7HA Boost Complex, featuring hyaluronic acid (HA) in 7 distinct molecular sizes, coupled with FUCOGEL®, promised a unique and comprehensive hydration experience.


What sets this product apart is the meticulous combination of different HA sizes, working harmoniously to hydrate every layer of the skin. It felt like the hydration hit every layer of my skin, with each molecular size playing a distinct role in quenching and revitalising my skin from the outermost layer to its very core. The result was immediate, and my skin felt not just hydrated but invigorated.

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The Premium Hydration Concentrate has become more than just a product; it’s a ritual, a moment of self-care that brings a refreshing and lasting boost to my skin. Whether it’s right after I’ve taught an impactful class or headed back to the office, I can be confident that my skin not only feels good but looks good too. 


newB can be purchased online via Shopee, Lazada, TikTok Shop, and Watsons Malaysia Online Store. Find links to online stores at www.10drs.com/newbskincare.