Moschino x H&M: The Long-Awaited Collaboration Drops Worldwide

BAZAAR speaks exclusively with Jeremy Scott of Moschino and H&M Creative Advisor, Ann-Sofie Johansson on the inspirations and ideas behind the long-awaited collaboration between the Italian fashion house and Swedish mega retailer which officially drops worldwide today. From the magic of Coachella to Jeremy Scott’s favourite look from the diverse collection – read below for the full interview.

Courtesy of H&M

What was it like to create an all-encompassing and exciting collection that would be sold at accessible price points?

Jeremy Scott: It was so much fun to design MOSCHINO [tv] H&M because I love the idea of more of my fans wearing my clothes and my designs. The wonderful thing about this collaboration is the ability to translate my work at Moschino into H&M’s price point.

For my designs to be accessible to so many more people around the world without having to dial it down, it’s a really wonderful rare treat and it makes me so happy.

Ann-Sofie Johansson: For us, our collaborations are like a celebration of fashion that we share with our customers all over the world. It’s going to be so much fun seeing who buys which pieces, and how they make them part of their own look.

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That’s why we love our designer collaborations so much – it’s about giving our customers the chance to play with their own personal style with pieces by some of the world’s greatest designers.

Courtesy of H&M

News of the collaboration first broke at Coachella Music Festival through the use of IG-TV: how did these two ideas come about?

JS: It was so special for me to announce MOSCHINO [tv] H&M because the festival is in my blood. Coachella was the first festival I had ever been to, I was captivated by its exuberance and playfulness. It’s like the fashion fantasy becomes a reality. I’ve been throwing parties at Coachella for twelve years now and Coachella is such magic for me. I love being able to share the good times in the desert with my friends.

ASJ: It’s so interesting to think that our first collaboration was before the introduction of smartphones. Back then, people were not yet ready to shop online. Now it’s a natural part of all our lives, and it’s been so much fun to evolve our collaborations to be such multi-platform events. It gives us so many ways to communicate with our customers, and let them share in the whole experience of MOSCHINO [tv] H&M.

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The campaign was inspired by a 1950s salon show, why did you decide on this idea for the campaign?

JS: I love the campaign for MOSCHINO [tv] H&M so much! I’ve always played with ideas of high and low in fashion, an element also in the DNA of MOSCHINO. I loved the idea of these pieces that are so affordable being in an extravagant setting, like a couture house. It’s really fun to play with perceptions in fashion and the way we see things.

The identity of Moschino is fun and playful — how were these aspects of the fashion house retained in this collaboration with H&M?

JS: This collaboration is a true representation of the brand with absolutely no compromise. H&M are the most amazing collaborators because they wanted the full energy of MOSCHINO. I wanted this to be more than a simple collaboration but for it to really feel like a special capsule, the realest MOSCHINO collection I’ve ever created. I’m so excited by the results.

ASJ: This collection is the true essence of MOSCHINO, one of the most iconic brands in fashion. They’ve been so generous with their DNA, creating something that is very loud and full of energy. There are so many unique pieces, with special moments revisited from Jeremy’s collections for the brand, and brand new ideas and collaborations that are totally exclusive to this H&M collection.

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What is your ultimate favorite piece from the collection and why?

That is the most impossible question to answer because they are all like my babies! I can’t choose just one. It’s the question that everybody asks me and it doesn’t get any easier… But if I had to choose, I think Naomi Campbell looked unbelievable in the all-over sequin anorak dress.

Courtesy of H&M

This collaboration is the first collection to include clothing for pets — was this Jeremy Scott’s idea and can you give us a peek of other surprises we can perhaps await in future collaborations?

ASJ: We’re so happy that Jeremy agreed to create some pet pieces for MOSCHINO [tv] H&M. We love the element of surprise with each of our collaborations, and to offer our customers something totally unique.

That element of surprise is so important to us, we like to keep all of our future plans secret. As soon as we’re ready to share, we’ll definitely let you know.

The full collection is available in stores and online from 8 November.