Hennessy Joins Forces with Fashion Designer Kim Jones

Where Cognac meets couture: Hennessy unveils a unique collaboration with fashion designer Kim Jones to launch a 2023 limited edition collection, including a £25,000 decanter.

Hennessy XO Kim Jones

A first of its kind, the LVMH-owned brand and celebrated designer Kim Jones celebrates the greatness of X.O with the most-anticipated collection. The collaboration features the Hennessy X.O Masterpiece, Hennessy X.O Limited Edition designed by Kim Jones, and the release of their first limited edition sneakers, the HNY Low by Kim Jones.

Hennessy XO Kim Jones

What you need to know about the Hennessy X.O & Kim Jones collaboration:

An ode to 150 years of cultural resonance, the partnership marks Jones’ first collaboration with a spirit brand. With interest in the legacy left by a generation of artisans, Jones was able to spin his take on the brand with a stunning Masterpiece decanter. Created using 3D printing technology and completed with hand-finished details, the sculptural decanter is developed with a titanium casing which encapsulates the whole bottle like an architectural second skin.

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Produced in Northern France, only 200 units of the limited-edition Masterpiece decanters exist. Taking design cues from how Hennessy bottles are wrapped in tissue paper, the bottle mirrors the same effect with a couture touch. To emphasise on the stunning craftsmanship, it is also beautifully dipped in a stunning gradient hue inspired by the shades of the various eaux-de-vie by the Master Blender to create the Hennessy X.O.

Hennessy XO Kim Jones

Hennessy X.O Masterpiece designed by Kim Jones

Kim Jones expresses, “When I saw how the vintage Hennessy bottles were wrapped, it spoke volumes to me about how precious each one is and how they were handled. I was particularly touched by their history and the sense of how generations have dedicated their time to making each step of the process better and better. That same process also holds true with fashion.”

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For the Hennessy X.O Limited Edition by Kim Jones, Jones takes inspiration from the design language of the Masterpiece. Only this time, the Limited Edition bottle showcases the signature shape of the bottle as a ‘ready-to-wear’ version. Beautifully wrapped with a sleek aluminium second skin casing, the bottle showcases a peek-a-boo effect with its sophisticated drapery.

Hennessy XO Kim Jones

Hennessy X.O Limited Edition by Kim Jones

“I looked at this the same way I would approach a collection and making clothing. The decanter being the vessel and building around it. When I saw the paper-wrapped bottles in Cognac, I immediately thought of a couture dress, and this is something we do in fashion as a limited, ready-to-wear piece.”

Last but not least, the HNY Low by Kim Jones sneaker is bound to be a hit with many sneakerheads. Crafted in an LVMH-owned shoe factory in Italy, the fresh kicks take inspiration from the early low-top basketball sneakers. Splashed in a light cognac-coloured nubuck leather, the sneakers feature an imprint of cognac vines and the Hennessy X.O x Kim Jones logo on its underside. Additionally, you’ll also find ‘K.J.’ initials and the brand’s bras arme emblem on the heel. To elevate the experience, each pair comes with a cotton drawstring dust bag and is presented in a stylish oak box to echo the barrels used to age the eaux-de-vie.

Hennessy XO Kim Jones

The HNY Low by Kim Jones

The HNY Low by Jim Jones is available now on HBX for USD$695 (approx RM3,104).

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For a closer look and to discover more about the concept behind the collaboration, don’t miss out on the Hennessy X.O & Kim Jones Gallery, held at Pavilion Bukit Jalil (Level 3, Entrance 3, Orange zone) from 27 April to 7 May 2023. You can register here to secure yourself a slot for the immersive experience.

For more info, head over to the website here.


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