Elevate Your Workout Wardrobe With Āina Collective

Not just another activewear brand. 

The interest and conversations surrounding sustainable fashion have increased immensely over the years. If you are looking for unique additions to your fitness wardrobe, this local brand brims with a stunning selection of earth-friendly activewear pieces. 

Originating from the Hawaiian saying ‘Aloha Āina’, literally translating to “Love of the land”, this motto is weaved upon ecological and cultural ties that stream into a sense of connection between all living things. With their passion for eco-conscious approaches to life and work, childhood swim club friends Nadira and Hui Yi created Āina Collective: a brand fostering quality, sustainable and eco-friendly activewear in Malaysia.


Sustainability, Community, Collaboration and Education lie at the heart of Āina Collective : 

By teaching the community about responsible consumerism through workshops with the help of local businesses, social enterprises and creatives, Āina Collective uses its platform to educate. Rather than a buzzword often thrown around, it views sustainability as a lifestyle, from manufacturing products produced from post-consumer waste like plastic bottles and ghost nets to eco-friendly packing materials that thoughtfully align with creating high-quality products. 

With every purchase, you contribute to nurturing and protecting our oceans. In their championing of conscious consumerism, Āina runs a coral planting programme with Gaia One to conserve the underwater ecosystem. The Āina Kai Coral Garden, located in Tanjung Bira, South Sulawesi, has housed over 200 planted corals since the beginning of their collaboration in April 2023. The best part is that consumers are taken along this journey to see their contributions brought to fruition through regular project updates! 

Hosting monthly exercise-based events with local fitness spaces, “Āina Sweats” is an empowering and uplifting community, building a safe and inclusive workout space for all. In addition to local fitness groups such as ClubAloha, Journey Cycle and Sculpt Club, Āina collaborates with other local F&B brands, wellness businesses and visual artists to further drive their community-driven goals. 

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Check out some of our favourite pieces from Āina Collective’s activewear collection : 

1) The Bandeu Bra 


Sleek, lightweight and available in a range of colours, the Bandeau Bra is the perfect piece, designed for low-impact workouts like Yoga and Pilates. 


2) The One Shoulder Bra 

The One-shoulder Bra elevates any workout look with its asymmetrical silhouette and can also build the perfect athleisure look. 


3) Signature Leggings 

Pair the Bandeau or One-shoulder Bra with Āina Collective’s signature leggings in a classic design for a chic workout set. 


4) The Signature Biker 


Almost like a second skin, the signature biker comfortably takes the shape of the body’s natural curves and form. Another piece that is perfect for off-duty athleisure, biker shorts have been a well-loved fashion trend over the years with nods to 90s fashion looks. 

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Images Courtesy of Āina Collective.