Discover Mile Phakphum’s Favourite Scent Ever

Mile Phakphum

Spraying fragrance all over your body is like telling a story. Mile Phakphum communicates his emotions and energy through scents rather than words. Especially with his most trusted accessory from Guerlain, his narratives of his day-to-day rely solely on the use of his favourite fragrance. 

In celebration of Guerlain’s new store opening at the Exchange TRX, we had the opportunity to chat with Mile Phakphum, a friend of Guerlain on his favourite scent, his thoughts on the store and more. 

Spraying good energy and love, his presence at the store opening brought so much joy to his fans and all beauty lovers around. 

Our Exclusive Interview With Mile Phakphum:

Define Guerlain in three words. 

Beautiful, heritage and feeling good. 

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What is it about the Guerlain brand that resonates with you most?

I’m always pleased with the innovations Guerlain has come up with when it comes to their fragrances. It brings out my personality and I’m able to spread my good energy wherever I go. 

Mile Phakphum

What’s your first-ever fragrance memory or experience?

My love for fragrances stemmed from my dad. My dad travelled a lot and he had one of the finest collections of fragrances, and I would be enamoured by them. Thus, it drove me to collect a variety of beautiful fragrances.

What is your go-to signature scent?

It has to be smooth, mesmerising and sexy. If a fragrance doesn’t have all of these hues, then I’ll mix and match it with other fragrances. 

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What is your approach when it comes to fragrance? Do you see some of your fragrances as more of a statement or would you wear all of them?

Fragrances are a miracle to me. It gives us confidence and makes us feel good about ourselves — and also it gives off the statement that “we’re spreading good energy to others around us”. 


What’s your favourite Guerlain fragrance?

It would be Néroli Outrenoir and Néroli Plein Suid. They’re both scents that can refresh your day and it can build up your good energy in the morning. 

What are your tips on making your fragrance last all day? 

Just spray it all over again. 

What do you love most about the new store? 

It’s really beautiful. I love that we can walk around and look at the products easily. It’s easy to shop and the aesthetically pleasing layout really enhances your experience. 

Images courtesy of Guerlain

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