What to know about Valentino’s new Boutique in The Exchange TRX

Maison Valentino opens its newest boutique in The Exchange TRX.

Joining the likes of other boutique openings, Maison Valentino has officially added a new location to its ever-growing list by calling The Exchange TRX its latest home. Spanning over 2,411 square feet, the new boutique marks a significant milestone in Valentino’s global retail expansion, featuring bespoke design details that celebrate the Maison’s iconic codes and Italian heritage.

Valentino has redefined its customer experience by introducing a client journey that draws inspiration from the finest Italian hospitality traditions. The goal is to make every customer feel at home as they step through the doors and create a new, intimate space for human connections within the store.

Take a look around, and you’ll notice that the interior design of the boutique is a reflection of the brand’s artisanal approach and aesthetic, featuring floors with a combination of Botticino and Sahara Noir marbles that create iconic geometric motifs. The sense of warmth, elegance, and discreet luxury is further enhanced by the use of wood, which adds a touch of natural feel to the space.

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To further elevate the uniqueness of the boutique, the Maison has taken luxury to greater heights by enlisting the expertise of specialist craftsmen to create bespoke objects that are truly one-of-a-kind. And, trust us, you won’t find these pieces anywhere else.

The boutique’s unique charm is best exemplified by the handmade ceramic door handles by Massimiliano Pipolo. Alongside these beautiful door handles are brass geometric compositions that serve as decorative objects by Fabio Cinti, adding a perfect touch of sophistication to the boutique’s already stunning interior.

But that’s not all. The boutique’s pièce de résistance is the delicate chandeliers made of sculpted plaster by mobilier Alexandre Logé that we simply can’t get enough of.


Whether you’re on the hunt for the latest accessory or in dire need of a new outfit for the new year, get ready to explore the Valentino Women’s prêt-à-porter collection, Valentino Garavani accessories, and the Valentino eyewear collection. These items are beautifully showcased through a discreet setup that makes anyone feel like they’re entering their personal walk-in wardrobe.

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The boutique offers an intimate shopping experience and distinctive service in a comfortable environment, making it the perfect destination for all fashion darlings looking to indulge in a luxurious shopping experience.

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