Instagram Model Bitten by a Shark as She Posed for Pictures

Katarina Zarutskie was bitten by a nurse shark after attempting a photoshoot in the surrounding waters.

The Instagram model, who has over 25.4 followers, was on holiday in the Bahamas when she spotted a social media picture opportunity, noticing people swimming near a group of sharks. Her boyfriend’s father took a series of shots of the 19-year-old lying on her back before a shark bit Zarutskie’s arm, pulling her underneath the water.

Instagram/Katarina Zarutskie

Instagram/Katarina Zarutskie

Instagram/Katarina Zarutskie

Nurse sharks are thought to be largely harmless to humans, yet they will bite defensively if they are bothered by divers (or in this case Instagram stars) who assume that they’re docile.

“I leaned back, and then that shark he came and he bit down on my arm and pulled me under,” Zarutskie told Buzzfeed. Instead of panicking, she lifted her arm out of the sea so that other sharks wouldn’t smell the blood and come rushing. “I am lucky to have my hand. It is a testament to how calm I stayed.”

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The California-based Instagrammer, who has modelled since she was 14, described the experience as a “big learning lesson”.

“They are wild animals and it’s an uncontrollable situation,” she said. “I would recommend people to do it but be smart about it. You are in their home.”

Nonetheless, her following has increased by over 10k since the incident. Zarutskie shared the moment happening (yes, her boyfriend’s father continued to snap away while she was being bitten by a shark) on Instagram along with the caption: “PSA: Sharks are cute and can nibble at times if not careful.”

From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK