Rihanna x Chopard: Urban Chic Meets Classic Glamour

Courtesy of Chopard

We’re loving Rihanna’s refreshing take on Chopard’s classics. Instead of curves and undefined edges, her designs encompass sharp, clean lines and simple geometry—a stark contrast to Chopard’s Happy Hearts. Whilst maintaining the essence of Chopard, Rihanna also incorporated her sense of effortless confidence into the limited edition collection.

Courtesy of Chopard

We were expecting a level of extravagance as Rihanna is known for her style. Case in point: her Met Gala costumes. However, her designs are kept simple and minimalist in the Rihanna ♥ Chopard collection.

Working hand in hand with Caroline Scheufele, co-president and creative director of Chopard, they developed a collection where urban chic meets classic glamour.

“Rihanna and I collaborated closely on this collection so you can feel her unstoppable energy, strong creativity, and inherent sense of design in every piece. With her unique style, she redefines the way people see and wear jewellery.”

— Caroline Scheufele

Courtesy of Chopard

The Rihanna ♥ Chopard collection is at Chopard boutiques nationwide.