SANDRO Rings In The Fall/Winter 2022 Season With Their ‘Believe’ Campaign

Fashion house SANDRO’s new campaign ‘Believe’ is rooted in every individual’s ability to dream, giving aspirations to today’s women.

From left: Jane wears floral dress; oversized blazer; leather boots; canvas tote bag. Alicia wears knitted polo sweater; two-tone double-waisted jeans; leather loafers. Datin Elvina wears denim jacket; floral panel shirt; denim trousers; belt with rhinestone eyelets; leather boots.

SANDRO’s Fall/Winter 2022 campaign, BELIEVE, waxes lyrical about the strength and confidence of women who want to make their dreams a reality. In essence, the SANDRO woman is one who is able to imagine anything she wants, down to the most minute detail, and give life to the imagery of success she’s about to achieve.

If you have an idea,

And you really feel in your gut that it’s good,

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,

If it’s something that means something to you, you must do it!

Because when you are doing what you truly love,

And something you really believe in,

That’s when you do your best work,

That’s when you can show the world what you’ve got!

The following series of images and videos from the BELIEVE campaign gives you a peek into a story of initiative and drive that echoes the personal journey of Evelyne Chetrite, SANDRO’s founder who has been helming the designs of SANDRO’s collections and accessories since 1984. Chetrite’s desire to express her creativity at a young age led to the birth of the brand, and since then, Team SANDRO has been working tirelessly to bring to life ready-to-wear collections and accessories with their own unique and effortless brand of Parisian chic.

From left: Jane wears floral print dress; metallic handbag. Alicia wears checked blazer; striped shirt; leather skirt. Datin Elvina wears short coat; floral-print shirt; straight-leg trousers.

BAZAAR’s idea of the quintessential SANDRO woman manifested in three striking individuals—Jane Chuck, Alicia Amin, and Datin Elvina Mohamad. The three are movers and shakers in their own right; dancing through life to the beat of their own drums, and doing so unapologetically. Their styles—artistic and very much unique to themselves—all bear a vibe that speaks volumes of their simple yet-worldly essence. Their innate and distinctive abilities to influence others while staying true to themselves give truth to the meaning of being a SANDRO woman.

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SANDRO’s ode to the power and resurgence of
‘90s fashion is reminiscent of the Palace and Bains Douches clubs in Paris where oversized outfits, an array of styles, and a surprise with every appearance were ordres du jour. This vibe is the perfect definition of Jane Chuck’s personal style, whether she’s out and about, travelling the world, or attending a chic event in the city.

“I believe that everyone is progressing
in their own timeline. Some may take longer to reach their goals but that doesn’t matter. What matter the most is to believe that we eventually get there when we believe in ourselves.”
—Jane Chuck




Alicia Amin’s androgynous style is no secret. After all, the SANDRO woman navigates different looks freely. She traverses the busy city with hedonistic desires that reflect her eclecticism, dressed in a jogging suit topped by a structured jacket. At times, a striped poplin shirt with Navajo motifs makes for a cool look, regardless of the occasion. A vintage touch—say a lambskin leather jacket, seemingly patinated and from a few seasons past—adds excitement to a getup.

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“I love the quote that SANDRO shared—‘The road is full of challenges, but it is also rich in learnings’. It’s not completely foreign to me because every day is a new day for me to dream, and chasing my dreams is something that is non-stop. Dreams are nothing without hard work.” —Alicia Amin


Contemporarily stylish yet drawing inspiration from yesteryear’s fashions, the SANDRO woman makes preppy—jumpers, flowing dresses, and moccasins—her fashion identity. Datin Elvina Mohamad, for instance, loves tweed and a beautiful houndstooth pattern and is a fan of the bon chic, bon genre (French for ‘good style, good class) movement.

Experimenting with clothes and different combinations of accessories is a passion. Men’s cuts and fabrics make an appearance in her daily wear, but Datin Elvina still spotlights her femininity. Athleisure wear is paired with tailored cuts—a contrasting polo shirt over a pleated skirt, with a jacket thrown over the shoulder— for a nostalgic ‘80s feel.

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“Remember if you play small, you stay small. It’s okay to want more. Do more. Be more.” – Datin Elvina Mohamad


Shop SANDRO’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection at the SANDRO boutique at Suria KLCC.

Address: Lot 122 & 123, Level 1, Suria KLCC, 50088 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: +60-3-2181 7437


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