Sara Sampaio is Tired of Being Shamed for Being Sexy

Sara Sampaio says every woman has the right to be sexy without being judged.

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In an interview with PorterEdit, the Victoria’s Secret model that challenging a woman’s choice is anti-feminist. Her sentiments echo those of Emily Ratajkowski who asserts that telling women what they can and can’t wear is a form of oppression.

“I think it’s kind of hypocritical that now people want everyone to be equal, they want everyone to be a feminist,” she said, suggesting that she thinks that feminism is different to gender equality (which it isn’t).

“But if a girl is being sexy because she wants to be sexy, people are saying, ‘Oh, no, you can’t be sexy.’ Isn’t that anti-feminism?”

She also went on to defend Victoria’s Secret, which has been widely criticised for being outdated and sexist. Its catwalk shows, in which women walk wearing lingerie and Angel wings, have been likened to beauty pageants.

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“Victoria’s Secret is not geared towards men – we are selling lingerie to women,” she argued. “We are selling a dream. Everyone wants to feel sexy.”

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Sampaio said that she works out five times a week to achieve her lithe, toned body, but was quick to point out that the pressure to stay in shape came from her, not Victoria’s Secret.

“It is a lot of pressure, but not from [Victoria’s Secret] – I put that pressure on myself,” she said. “You are constantly in lingerie; your body is constantly on show. You just want to look your best.”

From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK